Competition Announcement 2019

Fabbro Arredi
in collaboration with
l’Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera (Milano) with the co-ordination of Doc. Alfred de Locatelli
e la Facoltà di Architettura di Lubiana with the co-ordination of izr. prof. mag. Alessio Princic

presents the
University – Enterprise Collaboration Project


1.Competition Announcement
The Wunder Wood 2019 project seeks to initiate and investigate a dialogue between manufacturing enterprises and young designers, enabling students to contribute through their inventiveness and dynamism to innovation processes and to incorporate inspiration drawn from past models into contemporary design influences. The aim of the project is to connect students from universities in different countries and of different orientations so they can set out on a journey to extend and compare their knowledge.

Artisanal joinery

Fabbro Arredi is an artisanal joinery located in the province of Udine specialised in the production of design complementary furnishing items and small series of high-end custom-made furniture. Furniture that is highly sophisticated in terms of its shapes and materials, for public and private interiors. Our knowledge of the technique and art of working wood comes from our 60-year-long history in the business. In-depth experience and high tech combine to simultaneously drive the company forward to face new challenges day after day and to produce unique, customised objects. The company seeks out the solutions best suited to each individual project. This starts with the technical department where specialists analyse the project and produce the final drawing ready to be transferred to the workshop where the entire production cycle is carried out, from sectioning to varnishing, right through to assembly.

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The use of a 5-axis CNC machine enables Fabbro Arredi to work wood three-dimensionally and to shape its surface.
For the first time this year Fabbro Arredi is organising a competition to involve young creatives in experimenting the possibilities for using this innovative machinery which gives them a real opportunity to find an outlet for and market their own product.

Link to 5-axis CNC woodworking:
cnc 5-axis video 1
cnc 5-axis video 2

2. What the competition entails
Designing a complementary furnishing storage item for interiors that draws its inspiration from the Wunderkammer, where aesthetics merges with function, and that requires the use of a 5-axis CNC machine in order to be produced.

Characteristics of the complementary furnishing item:

  • Materials: Wood in all its variations, from solid wood to composites.
  • Shape: All shapes and/or geometric volumes are permitted.
  • Dimensions: The object must fit inside a parallelepiped of max dimensions: 200x100x80 cm (excluding feet, handles and accessories). Min. dimensions: 50x50x50 cm
  • Modularity: The object may be a module that can be arranged to form a larger object.
  • Compartments, doors and drawers are permitted.
  • Tables and chairs are not permitted

3.   Benefits offered by the competition
Fabbro Arredi will produce a prototype of the complementary furnishing item selected as the best and the student who designed it will be able to collaborate on and follow the process of manufacturing his idea. The item will then be promoted for marketing purposes and displayed in design events and exhibitions as well as promoted through the web and press and any other channels that prove useful to promote the activity and sale of the object.

4.  Jury
The jury will be formed by a Technical Commission comprising Alessio Princic, Alfred de Locatelli and other professionals from the sector whose names will be published on the website before the end of May.
The winner will announced by 26 July 2019.
The venue for the awards ceremony is yet to be decided and will be announced on the website; all those taking part in the project will be personally informed by e-mail.

5. Modalities for delivering materials and deadlines 
The works may be sent in starting from 6 February via Wetransfer to the address and must arrive by 12:00 am on the 26 June 2019. The Company will produce the prototype within 90 days from the winner being announced.

6.  Materials required:
The following material is required to participate:

  • Project in PDF format size A1 (594×841 mm) using the layout which can be downloaded from the button below. It contains:
    • Brief description of the work, description of the materials and finishes
    • Elevation plans and cross-sections of the object in scale 1:10
    • 1 or more 3D views of the model
    • Any particulars/details
  • 2D CAD file (in DWG or DXF format) and 3D CAD file (in DWG, SKP, 3DS or 3DM format)
  • Form completed with the student’s personal details.

Each designer may submit 1 individual project. Group projects are permitted

The A1 file and the personal data file must be downloaded from here:

download files

7.  Modalities for sending in the materials
All entrants must send the following files:

  • Designersnamesurname_wunderwood_A1.PDF (a chart with the presentation of the project)
  • Designersnamesurname _wunderwood_2D.DWG or DXF (2D CAD file of project)
  • Designersnamesurname _wunderwood_3D.DWG or SKP, 3DS, 3DM (file with 3D model of project)
  • Designersnamesurname _anagraficawunderwood.PDF (form completed with personal details)

8.   Requesting information
It will be possible to request information until 29 March 2019 on this website page.

9.  Conditions concerning the material and images sent, their use and intellectual property rights
Fabbro Arredi reserves the right, without any time limits, to use all the works for the organisation of exhibitions, for the production of informative, advertising and promotional material, and for the promotion of its own corporate initiatives.
Fabbro Arredi reserves the exclusive right over the production of the projects submitted and shall pay the student royalties in the event of sale.
Fabbro Arredi reserves the right to make technical modifications to the project, if necessary for the purpose of producing it, without however altering the idea behind it or its aesthetics

10.  Acceptance of the regulations
Participation in the project requires acceptance of all the points set out in the competition herein.
Fabbro Arredi reserves the right to make alterations to this competition, should this be deemed necessary. Such alterations shall be notified within good time and in the most suitable ways to all those concerned.
Participation in the project also requires full acceptance of the Privacy disclosure statement contained herein below, which gives explicit consent for personal data to be processed.

Disclosure in accordance with the Regulation concerning the protection of personal data

In accordance with Regulation 2016/679/EU (the General Data Protection Regulation) – Fabbro Arredi provides here below information about how the personal data you provided along with the digital documents in order to participate in the Wunder Wood 2019 project will be processed.

Purposes for which data processing is necessary and its legal basis
The personal data you have provided shall be processed by Fabbro Arredi in compliance with the Privacy regulation in force, for the following purposes connected with the implementation of the Project: – to allow participation and all necessary activities connected with it to be carried out (administration, passing on data to parties eligible to vote during the jury selection phase, communication regarding selection and the awards ceremony, – to inform participants about initiatives and/or news regarding the Project or in anyway connected or associated with it and  similar….; – to publish and  disseminate the personal data of the winner and/or participants on the website, – to manage any requests and/or complaints). As well as for the purposes described above, participants’ data may also be processed by Fabbro Arredi to assert or defend its own rights in judicial proceedings, as well as to fulfil obligations provided for by law, EU rules or regulations, as well as provisions of the Supervisory Authorities for the specific field or other eligible institutional bodies. The providing of such data is necessary in order to enable participation in the Project: failure to provide or the provision of partial or inexact data could make it impossible to participate in the Project.

Modalities and logic used in processing
The data are processed manually and/or using information technology and Internet systems that use logic for the organisation and processing of data for the aforesaid purposes and in order to safeguard the security and confidentiality of the data.

Data Controller and persons in Fabbro Arredi authorised to process data
The Data Controller for your personal data is Fabbro Arredi, based in Via Pontebbana, 32, Magnano in Riviera (UD). Personal data are processed by Fabbro Arredi employees. These employees have been authorised to process data and have received suitable operating instructions to enable them to do this.

Categories of third parties to whom the data may be passed on in their capacity as Data Controllers or who could come to know about them in the capacity as Data Processors
As well as being processed by Fabbro Arredi employees, some data may also be processed by third party subjects, including companies to which Fabbro Arredi commissions a number of activities (or parts of activities) to achieve the purposes as set out in Point 1 above.
Such third parties may also be based abroad in EU or non-EU countries; in the latter case, the transfer of data is afforded by virtue of a decision of the European Commission regarding the adequacy of data protection levels in the non-EU country or on the basis of appropriate and relevant safeguards provided by Arts. 46 or 47 of GDPR (eg. signing “standard data protection clauses” adopted by the European Commission) or further preconditions of legality regarding data transfer provided for by Art. 49 GDPR (eg. conclusion or performance of a contract, consent of client).
In this case the same parties shall operate as autonomous Data Controllers or shall be designated as Data Processors or subjects appointed to process data.

Right of access to personal data and other rights
The participant has the right to access at any time data concerning him and to exercise the other rights provided (eg. to request the origins of the data, rectify inexact or incomplete data, limit processing, erasure, data portability, as well as object to them being used for legitimate reasons) by sending an e-mail to the following address:

Lastly, the Participant has the right to make a complaint to the Italian Data Protection Officer [Garante].

Download the Competition pdf file