The Story

From left: Sandro Fabbro, arch Alessio Princic, Alfred de Locatelli

WunderWood is the brainchild of lecturer Alfred de Locatelli, who personally feels the need for students to interface with the productive reality to integrate their skills.
He sees Friuli as a crossroads of various cultural experiences and looks for a business here that would welcome his project and with which to start the experience. The project is welcomed by Fabbro Arredi and Arch Princic, who senses how WunderWood can create an exchange between the students’ genius and production skills.

De Locatelli studies a name that represents how this competition also wants to become a theme of comparison between various identities and nationalities. Hence WunderWood, a union of two terms in different languages.

The competition in the following years grows and also involves the Accademia G.B. Tiepolo di Udine and aims, for the future, to expand the comparison and experience by involving new schools.